Britain’s Biggest Mess

I’ve been tagged by the lovely Louise over at Bloggomy in the Britain’s Biggest Mess Meme. The aim of the game is to share the bits of our house and garden that need a little TLC or in my case, a blinking good tidy up!

I’m ashamed to say that any of the messy parts of our house are down to me. I am very lucky to live with a man who loves DIY – he seriously has been known when bored some evenings to potter down to the shed and get the emulsion and proceed to touch up near enough every wall in the house. Needless to say, we really haven’t got any DIY projects that need attention.

So we live in a palace, a shrine, a showhome? … Nah! I’m the messy one (aswell as the three children.

On my list of tasks to complete before I’m 40, is the ironing. This picture shows just a part of the ironing. Oh how embarrassing this is.

The next embarrassment is an area in our dining room devoted to my business. I store most of my cake equipment at my Mother-in-laws but last week brought some stuff home that I hope to use in the near future. It hasn’t ‘quite’ made its way into cupboards yet …

And now for the last one. This is our spare room/office but soon to be crafty/pretty/girly room – I am learning to sew/knit and this is where my creations will live. Already I can visualise a shrine to Cath Kidston. I can’t wait.

Well, if that hasn’t spurred me on to tidy up, nothing will. I promise our house isn’t a complete dump – maybe one day I will be tagged in a meme that shows perfection!


  1. says

    Have to say I thought the middle photo was going to be your recycling! Take heart, our “utility” room could reduce me to tears. Long boring story about the washing machine not fitting properly, so floor can’t be done, so nothing else gets done, apart from the piles grow and the grimness grows and …. we shut the door on it pronto.

  2. Marilyn says

    You’re so brave displaying these photos because I wouldn’t. But then again, I DO have clutter and mess but also harbour a very strong belief that there’s more to life than being perfect/cleaning/ironing. Plus, you have your own business as well as three children, one of them a very tiny baby! Also, there are people out there, somewhere, who will come and take away your laundry, iron it and return it to you for very reasonable sums of money. Some people (or so they tell me) actually enjoy ironing! (I’m not one of them, though – I just scoop things out of the tumble drier and put them on hangers – hey presto!) Housework (and houses!) will still be here when we’re all long gone. Why not hire a domestic – I intend to – just as soon as my place is clean and tidy enough to let anyone come in to clean, that is!

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